Moving Supplies

A-1 Moving in Golden Valley, MN offers a wide range of moving supplies such as boxes, packing paper and tape.

We've included a guide below to help you determine the amount of boxes you'll need. Please keep in mind this guide is based on averages. The actual amount you'll need could vary greatly.

Apartments Moving Supplies

1 bedroom apt2 bedroom apt2 bedroom apt/den
Small 25-30 Small 30-40 Small 40-50
Med 10-20 Med 20-30 Med 30-40
Large 5-15 Large 10-20 Large 20-30
Dish pk 1-2 Dish pk 1-2 Dish pk 3-4
Mirror 2-4 Mirror 3-4 Mirror - 4-6
Tape 1-4 Tape 3-4 Tape 4-6
Paper 25 lbs Paper 50 lbs Paper 75 lbs

Houses Moving Supplies

0 to 1000 sq ft1000 to 2000 sq ft2000 to 3000 sq ft3000 to 4000 sq ft
Small 30-40 Small 50-75 Small 75-100 Small 100-150
Med 20-30 Med 30-75 Med 75-100 Med 100-150
Large 10-20 Large 20-30 Large 30-40 Large 40-50
Dish pk 3-4 Dish pk 4-6 Dish pk 6-8 Dish pk 8-12
Mirror 4-6 Mirror 6-10 Mirror 10-14 Mirror 14-20
Tape 4-6 Tape 6-8 Tape 8-12 Tape 12-16
Paper 75 lbs Paper 100 lbs Paper 150 lbs Paper 200 lbs

The boxes and packing supplies that we stock

DescriptionDimensionsPricing More Details
Small Boxes 17x12.5x13  $2.00 Use to pack albums, books, files, etc. Anything heavy
Medium Boxes 18x18x16  $2.50 Use to pack pots, pans, kitchen appliances, etc. Anything of medium weight
Large Boxes 18x18x16  $3.00 Use to pack clothing, beddings, linens, toys, etc. Anyting not too heavy
X-Large Boxes 24x18x24  $3.50 Anything oversized but not heavy, holiday decorations, kids toys, etc.
Dish Box 18x18x28  $6.00 For china and dishes
Dish Box Kit (dividers)    $18.00 Great for packing stemware into dish boxes
Picture Box (small) 4pc    $6.00 Mirrors and pictures
Picture Box (large) 4pc    $8.00 Mirrors and pictures
Lamp Box 12x12x40  $5.00 Thin pole lamps
Wardrobe w/Bar    $14.00 Free use on the day of the move
Single Matt Box    $10.00 Beds
Double Matt Box    $14.00 Beds
K/Q Matt Box    $20.00 Beds
Packing Paper/lbs    $1.80 Comes in 25 pound bundles
Tape/Roll=30 Boxes    $3.50  
Paper Pads 3'x5'  $2.00 Used for wrapping pictures and mirrors in before boxing and covering furniture to store in your house
Carpet Shield    $50.00 Plastic that works like a tarp but is oil and water proof

We also offer used boxes- call for pricing and availability.

When you use A-1 Moving for your move your first $100 of packing supplies are FREE!